A Closer look at Stream Energy and Their Engagement

Stream Energy is a major provider of energy as well as home-based services. Stream Energy is an  Electricity Company. The company is headquartered in Dallas Texas. Stream Energy Services are readily available anywhere within the United States. The organization was founded roughly fourteen years ago following a major reorganization of the local energy market.


Rob Snyder created the company and he remains a key person who carries a great deal of responsibility within the organization. Snyder had literally no experience within the industry at the time he founded Stream Energy. Rob Snyder had a background working with Private equity-based markets. However, Rob Snyder possesses an exceptional leadership quality as well as the ability to get the job done. He can work quite well under pressure and can adjust to just about any work environment.


Rob Snyder enjoys meeting new people within the industry and solving obvious problems immediately. Snyder admits he had a micromanaging technique which he adopted early in his business career. The technique seems to work for him so he has no intention of altering his management style.


Rob Snyder graduated from the University of Texas with a Business Management Degree. In addition, he attended the McCombs School of Business. Snyder majored in business because he feels there are so very many areas as well as career choices to pursue.


Stream Energy is currently licensed as a retail electric provider and is able to sell energy services due to areas such as New York and Washington DC. Each month the company has in-house meetings which are geared toward promoting their general energy concept. Stream Energy also maintains “Homesites” on the Internet which helps to generate additional revenue by promoting their expertise service as well as powerful sales structure.


Stream Energy relies upon “Business Presentations” which introduces their service and all its advantages to new clients in search of an organization that can provide their gas as well as electrical services on a regular basis. Stream earns additional profits from energy sales as well as utilizing their recruiting techniques in search of skilled candidates.


The organization at present has a little under 300 full-time employees. However, Stream Energy is growing at a rapid pace and plans to open satellite locations early in 2018 (http://www.gcreport.com/global-warming-dallas-texas-stream-energy/). Therefore, by the spring of 2018 plans for business expansion will be well underway.


Larry Mondry joined the organization in late 2016. Mondry is currently the CFO of Stream Energy. Larry Mondry uses a no-nonsense approach to all business decisions and he has proven to be a valuable asset to the company.