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Alex Pissios is the CEO of D’Angelo Brands, the company responsible for bringing famous brands like DiGiorno and Jack’s Pizza to the world. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia University and is one of America’s most respected business leaders. Learn more about Alex Pissios

Achievements of Alex Pissios Recap

In early 2015, Pissios was honored by the National Italian American Foundation with a leadership award for his contributions to the world of business. He was also named one of Forbes’ top 10 leaders in 2014. In addition to his successes at D’Angelo Brands, he holds patents for several inventions he created.

Pissios worked for technology startup companies before ending up at General Electric (GE) as a purchasing manager for GE Transportation Systems in 1994. It was there that he discovered his love for public speaking. As the only Greek-American in the company, Pissios was often asked to speak at meetings and other gatherings on behalf of the company.

In 1997, Pissios launched his own business, Alex Foods, which grew out of his business plans while still working at GE. He took great pride in the fact that D’Angelo Foods became Certified Humane. He was also the first CEO in America to receive a USDA Public Health Service award for his contribution to the dairy industry.

In 2003, Pissios left GE and started a new company named Alex Pissios Technologies, which would later become Alex-Pissios-Technologies or APT Industries. His innovations were quickly realized as he began selling ten different products used by businesses in America and around the world. He also began producing his natural cheeses under D’Angelo Foods LLC.

Pissios has also spoken out against companies reducing employee health insurance coverage. He appeared on CNBC to talk about this very topic. He claimed that some CEOs preferred to go against the will of their employees by cutting health insurance for them because it would save the company more money.

In 2007, Pissios released a web series titled “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9”, based on the 1966 film of the same name. The entire series is available exclusively at dangelobrands.com. The first episode, “The Story of Joe,” sees Pissios playing a version of himself–a man named Joe who comes up with the idea that he wants to try.

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