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Joseph Ashford is the owner of K4 Global, a dynamic Bournemouth-based organization that has successfully raised its clients’ profiles. There’s no doubt that the K4 team understands the market and what’s required to compete in it. In Bournemouth, K4 Global continues to achieve great success and recognition. They consider themselves a complete marketing company, providing services such as web design, graphic design, and social media management. This week, Ashford revealed some of the most important aspects that have molded his life and career success.

Joseph Ashford began his career by buying and selling (mostly vehicles). When the economy tanked in 2007, he adapted quickly. Working with his father, Joseph learned a recession-proof trade he didn’t enjoy. Even though he wanted to acquire and sell vehicles, he continued to get dragged into construction.

He started his own construction company and stopped selling vehicles. He regained his trading method after buying at a market low and selling when it started to swing back.

He acted quickly wherever he saw a margin, be it commercial property or a startup. His instinct and aptitude helped him build his riches until he sought more. When people asked for help managing their own businesses, he realized there was more to it.

1. Motivation and grit

Joseph Ashford, like many entrepreneurs, talks a lot about forging on despite defeat. Working in multiple sectors requires knowing the pros and cons of each. Ashford has had to be adaptable. “All of this taught me never to give up.” Dreaming is good. Focus on your dream but know it won’t be easy.

2. Compassion

While most entrepreneurs have a similar approach to getting things done, they don’t treat others equally. Ashford says he’s been called ruthless. When you dig deeper, he continues, this judgment falls apart. “The best, most successful business agreements or initiatives I’ve had started with a pure, kind heart,” he says.

His care extends beyond his clientele. It’s his employees. His team’s hard work has helped him achieve much. It’s not easy to achieve such loyalty, but he’s hired people committed to a cause, not simply their salary.

3. Another Perspective

Ashford wanted to be successful but didn’t want money to drive him. He enjoyed Bournemouth by having fun and making money. If he found an idea or business, he believed in, he pursued it even if the profit margins weren’t as high as he’d wanted.

Lara Andreyes