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Australia has an opportunity to lead not just a recovery from a pandemic, but a global economic rebound. That rebounding will not be enough without first addressing some of the economic problems that resulted from the financial crisis. If the country follows through with its recent initiative to curb its trade deficit, we could see a strengthening economy within the next year. More importantly, if the country develops and utilizes manufacturing and steel to build the infrastructure necessary for a strong and robust manufacturing sector, the country’s economic recovery could be off and running from the very start.

InfraBuild’s Resources and Capabilities

InfraBuild is a company that has helped its customers succeed in their recycling operations for more than four decades. It’s one of the state’s largest employers, and with its new CEO Vik Bansal in place, it will continue to be one of the state’s largest employers for years to come. InfraBuild has the manufacturing, waste management, end-of-life recycling and primary metal recovery capabilities to facilitate many of the post-pandemic projects that might otherwise not be economically viable for local governments and private companies.

Why does Australia’s manufacturing sector matter?

Australia is on the cusp of achieving an independence on trade policy that other developed countries take for granted. For a country that’s reached such a level of economic and political maturity, the benefits to the economy are enormous. Firstly, exports will be free from the trade liberalization policies that other countries are being forced to adopt.

Furthermore, foreign investment into Australia from overseas has so far proven fruitful. Since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, foreign investment in Australian manufacturing has surged from $4 billion to $23 billion, with the energy sector accounting for almost one third of the investment.

Vik Bansal is expected to lead InfraBuild through its next phase of expansion. Mr. Bansal has a strong vision for the future of InfraBuild, which has been put into practice to date. He says that he and his team are ‘realistic’ about the challenges facing Australia’s manufacturing industry..

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