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Pamela Baer has built a reputation for herself both in the business’ world and in charity. Pamela has been working closely with Nest, a non-profit organization in the United States, to empower women through a craft-based work economy. This organization also provides maker businesses and female artisans with tools, educational programs, and pro-bono consultancies. Pamela Baer currently sits on the organization’s board as an advisory member. In a recent interview, she shared insights into the organization’s victories.

Investing in Artisans and Makers

According to Pam Baer, the handcrafted sector is full of potential and can greatly impact the local economies. She went on to add that joining this sector gives women an opportunity to apply their trade from home while preserving the techniques used within their cultures. Nest Organization currently supports more than 1500 artisans and makers across the globe. Aside from this, the organization also offers businesses in this sector various resources. This way, they are able to generate income minus the financial constraints.

Covid Relief Funds

The recent pandemic greatly affected businesses across the globe. During this time, people in the informal sector faced numerous financial challenges. To cushion artisans and makers in this sector, Nest set up the Covid-19 relief funds program for the guild members. According to Pam Baer, this program is meant to offer educational and financial aid to makers and artisans. This way, they can build e-commerce platforms and enhance their marketing efforts.

Partnering with Etsy

Nest has recently partnered with Etsy to spearhead its program designed to introduce the online marketplace to South Carolina’s Gullah Basket Weavers. Through these partnerships, Nest is able to raise awareness of handcrafted products and bring the artisans into the limelight. Etsy contributed $75,000 to the community to help it achieve its goals. Pam Baer was born in Texas and has led a successful career providing financial services. Aside from Nest, Baer is also a lifetime director of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, Dignity Moves, Family House, Jewish Women’s Giving Circle, and Every Mother Counts. See this page on LinkedIn, for related information.


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