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Roland Dickey Jr is a Texas-based former CEO of Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant, Inc. The Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant is a family business running since 1941 and is currently the most recognized Barbeque restaurant in the United States.

Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant was established by Roland Dickey Jr’s father, Travis Dickey, who was a veteran in World War I. Travis Dickey, Roland Dickey Jr’s father and founder of Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant, ran the restaurant with his wife Ollie Dickey for twenty years while still raising their sons.

However, after Travis Dickey passed away in 1967, his sons, T.D and Roland Dickey, had to take over the business to continue with the family business legacy. Roland Dickey Jr was still in college studying for his law degree when his father died.

Roland Dickey Jr Net Worth became actively involved in the family business restaurant by developing new recipes to supplement his father’s older recipes. Through hard work, consistency, and unity between Roland Dickey and his brother, they managed to develop their first franchise location in 1994, which currently operates to this day.

Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant grew in popularity, and Roland Jr decided to try something new for the restaurant by opening up a new branch out of Texas state in Denver, Colorado. Roland Dickey went back to college to clear his law degree program and officially became actively involved in the family business. Roland became the CEO of Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant in 2006.

About Roland Dickey Jr.

Roland Dickey Jr has won several awards as the CEO of the largest barbeque restaurant in the United States. Roland Dickey graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1996, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Before joining the family business, Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant, Roland Dickey worked in several companies undertaking several executive senior positions and gained the experience needed to run the family business. Visit this page to learn more.


Additional information about Roland Jr can be found on https://franchise.dickeys.com/smokin-franchise-brand/rolanddickeyjr/

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