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The owner and CEO of Hughes Marino corporation based in San Diego, Jason Hughes started his commercial career by working for Wakefield and Cushman based in Los Angeles during the 1990s. Later, he relocated to the state of San Diego. While here, he represented municipal, non-profit, and corporate tenants during their purchase and lease negotiations for almost thirty years. Moreover, Jason Hughes, together with Shay, his wife, has been significant in the industry dealing with commercial property (Cascadebusnews). 


His corporation, Hughes Marino, the leading exclusive buyer and tenant representation corporation, has its roots initially in the state of San Diego. It plays a prominent role in this sector and has offices all over the nation, Jason Hughes states. Moreover, the successful entrepreneur and Shay are market leaders who focus on offering their customers quality and unique representation services never experienced before. They prioritize maintaining a good long-lasting relationship with their customers. Thus, Jason Hughes has been severally recognized for his remarkable work in the field of tenant representation. He also pioneered novel legislation, which was approved by Brown, the governor of his state, in 2014. 


It acted until the beginning of 2015. The novel state law aims to increase fairness and transparency for all commercial tenants in California who necessitate advice concerning writing while working with brokers representing both landlords and tenants. Throughout his career, the successful businessman has assisted in transacting purchases and leases for millions square feet. Jason Hughes has extensive experience in high-value leases and negotiating complex, project finance and build-to-suit expansions, contraction and expansion negotiations, condominium, hotel and office purchases, loan and lease workouts, loan structuring, and government negotiations.


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