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Sujit Choudhry is the Founder and the Director of The Center for Constitutional Transitions. The center is known for working with governments throughout the world, in establishing productive and qualitative security reform. He has gained world-wide acknowledgement for his expertise and sophistication of his specialties within the spectrum of comparative constitutional law.

In respect of his acquired expertise, Mr. Choudhry has risen to become a global sensation and is favored as a renowned expert in the arena of comparative constitutional law. So much so, that over thirty countries throughout the world including South Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Libya, Nepal and Tunisia, has sought him to provide educational leadership and instruction with reforming constitutional proceedings that have met and exceeded their expectations.

Additionally, The Forum of Federations retains Sujit Choudhry as their Senior Advisor. He also serves at The WZB Berlin Social Science Center, as a Guest Researcher for the Center for Global Constitutionalism.

World governments have become tasked with concerns and demands of restructuring the bureaucratic aspect of security foundations that would yield a more libertarian aspect of accountability, to the citizens of their nations. The goal is not simply to seek resolution of abuse and mismanagement within their private sector, but to understand, accept and allow for security upgrades and innovative solutions that would be creditable, respectable and tolerable on a global surface. The professionalism of Sujit Choundry has been more than instrumental with accomplishing this mission.

The Security Sector Reform(SSR),is the forthcoming parable of guidance and direction that has been established for the reference of, eagerly engaging with a multitude of government officials who are responsible for the management and administration of security controls for their regions. The focus of varying security platforms includes conversion for discrete levels of police, military, intelligence agencies and other responsible security agencies.

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