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Abdullah Al Humaidi is the CEO of Kuwaiti European Holding. He has a number of investments including Ebbsfleet United Football Club, Armila Capital, and London Resort. In terms of his company KEH, this is a holding company that owns a number of other businesses from all across the spectrum. There are leisure companies, healthcare, and financial services. 


This holding company was begun in 2008 and its owners are an important family in Kuwait. KEH is looking for investments that bring back strong returns while also being of use to the areas where they are located. It values being able to do both things simultaneously. Recently, under the leadership of Abdulla Al Humaidi, the company has moved from the traditional family structure over to something more akin to corporate holding. It’s hard to overstate the diversity of the company. KEH holds businesses from the UK and the Middle East and many other parts of the world as well, including Europe. 


Recent News


More recently, Kuwaiti European Holding and others have put millions into the office market in London. Issues including the pandemic and the looming deadlines for Brexit did not stop them from doing so at all. In particular, the project for the London Resort started in 2012 from the investment company. According to Abdulla Al Humaidi, CEO at Kuwaiti European Holding, this resort is going to be a major theme park, and there’s virtually nothing like it that has opened in Europe recently beyond the Disneyland option that opened in 1992. It will be a major event that is unique unto itself as it will only be a short ride by train from the center of London.


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