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Payam Banazadeh is widely known for Capella Space. Capella Space is a company that operates around the subject of Synthetic Aperture Radar, commonly known as SAR. So what does SAR do? The agenda of SAR is to have an in-depth look into the things technology can be used to achieve.

Payam Banazadeh’s background

Payam Banazadeh, the brains behind Capela Space and the whole SAR subject, has an educational background in aerospace engineering and is an alumnus of the University of Texas. Panama also holds a Masters in Business Administration(MBA) from Austin University. Before Payam ventured into Capela Space, he first worked for NASA, where he started at the very lowest level, which is an internship. This internship opened a window of opportunities for him, and he went on to serve in different roles in NASA, including the role of Lead Project System Engineer. During his time as Lead Project System Engineer, he got to learn how NASA gets to manage satellites. Much of the decisions applied in Capella Space today are largely informed by the experiences Payam Banazadeh attained while working for NASA.

About Capella Space

The most amazing thing about Capella Space is that Payam Banazadeh did not come up with the idea of the company while at NASA. The company is an idea he had carried all along from his time as an MBA student at Stanford University. The idea was motivated by the instance whereby the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was lost, never to be found. Like everyone else across the world, Payam was shocked by the disappearance of the aeroplane. He saw this as an opportunity to find a solution that can avoid such occurrences in the future. Payam was set to find a way to develop a working system that could be used to monitor the surface of the earth. In collaboration with his partner, he embarked on a journey to come up with satellites whose role is to provide valuable data about the earth’s surface.


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