Living Comfortably With Osteoarthritis

Those who suffer from osteoarthritis can live comfortably with less pain by making a few lifestyle changes and adjustments. It is always best to have the guidance of a medical care team for optimal results. The Osteo Relief Institute has a whole team of certified physicians and physical therapist to help those with osteoarthritis manage pain and maintain a physically active lifestyle. Using the latest and most advanced state of the art technology and specialist trained to recommend exercises and stretches to help keep patients physically active, many can avoid invasive treatments or surgery.


Medical professionals can help patients improve muscle strength and maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight can add to the amount of stress the joints are under. A healthy diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetable and home cooked meals also help in maintaining a healthy weight. Exercises that focus on stretching, range of motion and gradual strength training will help patients to remain physically active. Patients need to adjust their posture and positioning when working, reading and watching television to avoid pain and stiffness. There is also medicines that can help to manage pain. Visiting a medical professional on a regular basis will allow a patient’s condition to be constantly monitored and changes can be made to their overall care plan that will improve the chances of them living comfortably with osteoarthritis.




Lifestyle changes that could lessen the pain of osteoarthritis may include a change in work to avoid repetitive motion or shorter work days to avoid undue stress on the joints. A physical or occupational therapist can help patients learn to move differently to support and strengthen joints and muscles. Each lifestyle change made can improve the patient’s overall comfort level. Since there is no cure for osteoarthritis, the goal is to lessen the pain and maintain a better quality of life.




The Osteo Relief Institute primary goal is to provide safe and effective treatment options for those suffering from osteoarthritis (ChronicleWeek). It provides many treatment options including the most advanced technology to give patients lasting pain relief. The staff is expertly trained to help you find the right solutions for you.

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Career Accomplishment of Glen Wakeman, LunchPad Holdings CEO

On September 7, 2017, Puerto Rico was faced with a devastating climatic condition, the Hurricane Irma. The hurricane left about one million residents with electricity, but efforts were made to restore power to the majority of them. However, about 60,000 people were still not connected because of Hurricane Maria. Two weeks later, another disaster struck the Island, this time category five storm. Strong winds moving at over 155 mph and more than 30 hours of rain left more destruction on homes, roads and other energy and transport infrastructure. Local authorities estimated the damages caused by the storm at about $90 million (Ideamensch).


Support Offered by the American Red Cross


The organization has done tremendous work before and after the disaster occurred in Puerto Rico. Its employees and volunteers were on the ground assisting the affected people. They collaborated with federal and corporate partners to mobilize volunteers and resources to assist those in need. Some of the items donated by Red Cross include food, water, work gloves, insect repellant, cleanup kits and more. In addition, to help those who require urgent medical attention, Red Cross sent EMTs and nurses to address those needs.


About Glen Wakeman


Glen Wakeman is recognized in many fields as an investor, entrepreneur, business executive, and mentor. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of LunchPad Holdings LLC, a firm he co-founded in 2015. Wakeman has been providing training sessions to fellow CEOs who want to improve their management skills. One of his teachings is about the importance of assisting local communities. For instance, Glen Wakeman recently contributed $1,000 to The American Red Cross.


Wakeman studied at the University of Scranton and received a BS in Economics and Finance in 1981 ( In 1993, he graduated from the University of Chicago with MBA in Finance. He kick-off his career at GE Capital serving in the business development and P&L positions. Glen’s work includes mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, new market entry, start-ups and more. As a successful investor, Glen Wakeman has been writing posting blogs about several issues such as emerging markets, strategy, international fiscal matters and others as a way of sharing insights with other investors and executives.

Dr. Mark Holterman the Pediatric Genius

If you are in need of a well-experienced surgeon, Doctor Mark J Holterman MD, Ph.D., may be the right choice for you. Located in Maywood, Illinois, Dr. Holterman has 29 years of experience doing surgical procedures. He specializes in pediatric surgery and holds board positions for multiple medical organizations.


Mark Holterman received his Bachelor of Arts degree, with a minor in General Biology, from Yale University. Directly after graduating from Yale, he went on to the University of Virginia to achieve his MD, Ph.D. of Medicine and Immunology ( Following completing his educational needs, Holterman continued on to his residency for General Surgery and then completed a Fellowship in Pediatric Surgery at Seattle Children’s Hospital in Seattle, WA.


Holterman has experience as an instructor in surgery, being a research associate and worked as a professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He has helped train reputable surgeons, as well as, developed research programs. For two and a half years, Dr. Holterman worked as a Chief surgeon at the Advocate Children’s Hospital, in Oak Lawn, IL. Here, he cared for infants and children, while also researching basic science and translational medicine, and he taught medical students and surgical residents.


A pediatric surgeon is a surgeon that has had additional training focusing on young patients ( These young patients include fetuses, infants, children, adolescents, and teenagers. Young patients are smaller than adults, having smaller organs that require more precise attention. They are still growing and developing, so because of this, they are usually more difficult to operate on. Reasons a young patient may need surgeries are congenital malformations and abdominal wall defects. To break it down, problems that need surgery in young patients include cleft lip and palate, hernias, deformities of the chest wall, tumors such as neuroblastomas, and separation of conjoined twins.


Today, Dr. Mark Holterman is not only a pediatric surgeon but is the Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and is the Founder and CEO of Mariam Global Health. Mariam Global Health is an investment and business management firm. Dr. Holterman has also received several awards pertaining to him being punctual and passionate.


A Closer look at Stream Energy and Their Engagement

Stream Energy is a major provider of energy as well as home-based services. Stream Energy is an  Electricity Company. The company is headquartered in Dallas Texas. Stream Energy Services are readily available anywhere within the United States. The organization was founded roughly fourteen years ago following a major reorganization of the local energy market.


Rob Snyder created the company and he remains a key person who carries a great deal of responsibility within the organization. Snyder had literally no experience within the industry at the time he founded Stream Energy. Rob Snyder had a background working with Private equity-based markets. However, Rob Snyder possesses an exceptional leadership quality as well as the ability to get the job done. He can work quite well under pressure and can adjust to just about any work environment.


Rob Snyder enjoys meeting new people within the industry and solving obvious problems immediately. Snyder admits he had a micromanaging technique which he adopted early in his business career. The technique seems to work for him so he has no intention of altering his management style.


Rob Snyder graduated from the University of Texas with a Business Management Degree. In addition, he attended the McCombs School of Business. Snyder majored in business because he feels there are so very many areas as well as career choices to pursue.


Stream Energy is currently licensed as a retail electric provider and is able to sell energy services due to areas such as New York and Washington DC. Each month the company has in-house meetings which are geared toward promoting their general energy concept. Stream Energy also maintains “Homesites” on the Internet which helps to generate additional revenue by promoting their expertise service as well as powerful sales structure.


Stream Energy relies upon “Business Presentations” which introduces their service and all its advantages to new clients in search of an organization that can provide their gas as well as electrical services on a regular basis. Stream earns additional profits from energy sales as well as utilizing their recruiting techniques in search of skilled candidates.


The organization at present has a little under 300 full-time employees. However, Stream Energy is growing at a rapid pace and plans to open satellite locations early in 2018 ( Therefore, by the spring of 2018 plans for business expansion will be well underway.


Larry Mondry joined the organization in late 2016. Mondry is currently the CFO of Stream Energy. Larry Mondry uses a no-nonsense approach to all business decisions and he has proven to be a valuable asset to the company.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil healthcare improvement initiated by Jorge Moll

Apart from Jorge Moll Neto being a cardiologist, he is also a businessman. Moll further plays the role of Chairman in Rede D’Or Sao Luiz’s Board of Directors and the head of D’Or Institute for the Research and Education. Jorge is the inventor of the 32 hospitals leading network in the country. It started as an examination institute to multiple exceptional hospitals. Rio de Janeiro was known to be the center of medicine in Brazil for the period between the mid-1970s and early 1980s. The medical situation started worsening, and this was because most hospital institutions in the state were public resulting in poor diagnoses and services. Jorge intervened in the whole situation and argued that Rio de Janeiro is a vast area, and one hospital is not enough. A city like that one needs a network of hospitals to meet the need of the population. To start with, he constructed three institutions that later grew to a significant system with numerous hospitals through the years (


Das D’Or Sao Luiz is the most significant hospital. Star Cup immerged from it. It is a luxurious five-star hotel intended for a class of people throughout the country that want services that are exclusive and unique. The hospital has beautiful interior decor with a gallery of art all along the corridors. It has private passage places for employees and transit of patients (Diasdacruz). The hospital has the best modern technology and offers significant surgeries like neurology and cardiology. It is situated near a beach and has appealing room in the mold of a five-star hotel.


Jorge has embraced technology and has welcomed Google glass that has improved the health sector. It has a positive change in their services by use of the gadget. The gadget retrieves the entire patient’s information using a single voice command. Jorge Moll advocates voluntary activities and encourages the youths to engage in volunteering by creating events for them. He believes that it is healthy to give with an open heart generously and that providing an option of your time to stranger helps an individual’s body and mind.