Eric Lefkofsky Sees Data Gold Mine in Human Genomic Sequencing

One of the most exciting developments in medicine over the last decade has been the increasingly viable ability to sequence every individual’s genome. Since the first human genome was sequenced in 2003, the cost of sequencing an individual’s full genome has dropped from well over $100 million to less than $5,000. Today, it is possible for anyone with sufficient resources to have their entire genome mapped out, potentially offering a window into an entire uncharted world of treatment options for everything from diabetes to pancreatic cancer.

Eric Lekofsky is one person who is making concrete steps to marrying the potential diamond mine of genomic data to the vast power of artificial intelligence to create a new system of analytic tools that could someday power treatment options so effective that cancer could be rendered a harmless nuisance, rather than a deadly killer.

Through his innovative startup, Tempus, Lefkofsky is developing platforms that will put the power to trawl vast seas of data in a way that allows actionable intelligence to be put into the treating physician’s hand, all in real time. Lefkofsky envisions a system that will be able to provide study-level data at the click of a mouse. Answering questions like how the outcomes of an African American with diabetes and a rare blood type are likely to differ from someone more closely fitting the profile of the general population will be able to be carried out instantaneously and with a high degree of both confidence and accuracy. In essence, Lefkofsky is seeking to create a system that can perform the same functions as a multi-year, million-dollar study, all at the click of a mouse. And this will work for any combination or permutation of variables that the physician can think of and learn more about Eric.

Lefkofsky also sees possibility of integrating the machine learning and data collection capabilities of Tempus’ systems with such novel technologies as CRISPR, the gene editing platform that may someday allow for on-the-spot, custom treatments to be created that will have far higher precision and effectiveness than anything currently possible and more information click here.

Through technologies like these, Lefkofsky is taking cancer treatment into a bright new future.

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