Why Madison Street Capital continue to dominate the Financial Investment World

The most important benefit of winning awards in any given industry is the knowledge that your company is on the right path, and the validation that your company receives among its peers in the industry. Additionally, awards and recognition show potential clients that your company is trustworthy, successful, and respected, and provide unmatched reassurance to existing ones that they made a wise choice.


Over the past few years, Madison Street Capital (MSC) has won many awards—not just for their outstanding client service but also their success and contribution in the financial investment industry.


40 Under Forty AwardsM&A Advisor AwardsTurnaround Award

  • 40 Under Forty Awards: In 2015, the national Association of Certified Valuators selected Anthony Marsala, the MSC co-founder, for the prestigious 40 Under Forty Awards. The award honors young professionals with remarkable accomplishments including valuations, mergers, and related endeavors.
  • M&A Advisor Awards: MSC was named the M&A Advisor Awards finalist in 2016. The award is presented to companies that have set outstanding financing, restructuring, and acquisition deals. MSC was nominated as the leading boutique investment banking firm and for facilitating the best industrial merger deals valued below $100 million.
  • Turnaround Award: MSC scooped the 2017 Turnaround Award for its leading role in restructuring the best transaction deals valued below $25 million in the 2016 financial year. The award was presented to the company by the president of the M&A Advisor Award.


Unlike other companies, winning awards for MSC goes beyond bragging rights or displaying shiny trophies in their offices. The increased Madison Street Capital reputation has promoted the company to scout for opportunities to help other companies succeed.


Vital Care IndustriesDCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group MergerARES Security CorporationMaintenance Systems Management’sAbout Madison Street Capital

  • Vital Care Industries: MSC provided financial advisory services to the company in 2014, helping them obtain high-value commercial loan
  • DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group Merger: MSC facilitated the merger between the two companies in early 2017
  • ARES Security Corporation: MSC served as the investment advisor for the company, helping them complete sophisticated transactions involving debt subordination and minority recapitalization.
  • MSC is also famed for its remarkable role in arranging Maintenance Systems Management’s finances.



Madison Street Capital is a middle market financial investment firm based in Chicago, Illinois. The company provides a wide range of other financial services including M&A Advisory, hedge funds M&A services, corporate advisory services, and financial reporting and opinion services, as well as buy and sell side services among others.


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