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LifeWave's Vision for the Future: Improving Quality of Life, One Person at a Time

LifeWave believes that everyone can live a healthier lifestyle, but it takes commitment and a conscious choice. The firm has a combination of products whereby each targets a specific need or symptom people may experience. Your body feels the natural biometric regulation. If you are stressed, fatigued, and have low energy, the band changes the

Business Leader

Pam Baer’s Initiatives To Help The Vulnerable In The Community

About Pam Baer’s life and Education Pam Baer is a famous American business lady, community leader, Philanthropist, CEO, and founder of FGS&Co. Pam attended her high school in Texas and later joined The University of Texas, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Marketing. She is married to Larry Baer, the CEO

Cloud Technology

Why Cloud Inventory Is Useful In Managing The Finances Of The Business

Managing finances is something that every other organization should be handled with utmost precision and care. There is no organization in the business today that needs to have unnecessary expenses in its operations. Companies that will have extreme financial expenses will obviously struggle to handle all the operational issues they need to make sure they


Laura Rea Dickey; One Of The Most Influential Women In Food Service

In an article entitled “Evolve or Fail: CEO Laura Rea Dickey on the Mantra that Helped Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants Thrive”, the Dickey’s CEO discussed how she transformed the company’s marketing strategy, integrating it with the technological innovations of the information age such as big data and artificial intelligence. Laura Rea Dickey transformed the company’s marketing


Hauser Insurance Advises How Companies Can Reduce Cybercrime Cases

Cases of cybercrime have been on the rise due to dependence on technology. Technological advancements like AI have greatly improved how companies operate and interact with their stakeholders. Hauser Insurance reports that this opens a window for access by cyber-hackers. They use these technological advancement tools available in the industry to access critical business data

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