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Jason Hughes is the co-owner of Hughes Marino, a San Diego-based business. It helps customers lease, purchase, and construct commercial space. He is also the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the buyer and tenant representation firm. Jason Hughes offers commercial clients nationwide tenant representation. He graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He then attended the University of San Diego, where he obtained an MBA.




Successful CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes gained popularity in California and internationally due to his thirty years of portfolio lease management and advisory skills. Customers get peace of mind knowing they would always receive individualized treatment from a family-owned business. His expertise has also attracted many who want to learn from him. He has received numerous accolades, including appearances on television and publications featuring articles he has written. 


Success strategy


Jason Hughes emphasized evolving, being innovative, and maintaining a good work ethic. He is a great champion for innovation as it is key to evolving in these times. He also pointed out that years of experience do not have to reflect on one’s expertise and talent and ambition could go a long way. One of Jason Hughes´ guiding principles is that success is earned and not an entitlement.


A philanthropist

His civic and humanitarian endeavors demonstrate his dedication to society and the area around him. Successful CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes from Hughes Marino buyer and tenant repreentation firm actively participates in tackling issues such as child abuse.

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