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Luis Horta e Costa, the co-founder of square view, a real estate property developer and asset manager, provides a vivid insight into the process of developing and marketing products. Tailoring its approach to suit the market, they have achieved great success since its inception. Their business philosophy targets the clientele looking for certain things, with an eye towards financial services and property at different ends of the spectrum.

Luis Horta E Costa Entrepreneur Advice

To make ends meet, he was forced to go into the trade business, and before long, he became the owner of his own company. He has since then used this experience as an example for other entrepreneurs who do not have access to funding and need to develop their business ideas early on in their careers.

In his experience as an entrepreneur, he came across many pitfalls and problems that many people did not expect. For example, it is easy for small businesses to get discouraged when there are obstacles, such as banks that are hesitant about providing finance for start-ups. The same applies to raising money from investors. Luis Horta e Costa believes that many people give up too soon when they should be tackling these problems sooner rather than later. That is why he always encourages entrepreneurs to get their financing as early as possible.

Luis believes that the best entrepreneurs can check their mistakes and correct their course accordingly, even if it means taking different routes than initially planned. They need to assess if errors are made along the way before they move forward. It will help them ensure that although they made mistakes, it was in a way that was still beneficial for their business and not detrimental in any way.

One of the primary abilities that Luis has as a successful entrepreneur is his vast personal experience. He knows what it takes to succeed and manifest your ideas into reality. He knows all about the struggles one goes through in getting finance and having limited knowledge when starting. As a result, he freely advises anyone starting up a business or even those who have been running their own companies for decades.

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