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More than anything, it is the ability to make intelligent decisions that determines how triumphant an entrepreneur becomes. Edgard Corona, the CEO of SmartFit, understood this notion way before starting his business career. Thus, his journey consists of numerous bold choices.

The first rewarding decision Edgard Corona made was to start a business while still in college. The experience gave him a chance to know the ingredients that make a venture successful. Later on, Edgard disposed of his company and went to work as an engineer in a family-owned sugar enterprise.

One of Edgard Corona’s boldest moves was to leave his job and start a gym. He named his new business Bio Ritmo, a fitness center that targeted middle-income earners in São Paulo. Edgard describes his next eight years as entrepreneurial as a “series of mistakes,” as his venture performed poorly.

However, Edgard did not forsake his dream of creating a well-furnished gym accessible to ordinary individuals. He modernized Bio Ritmo using cutting-edge technology to create SmartFit. During this transformational phase, the Brazilian native hired experts from the US and Australia to modify how his business operated.

Today, Edgard Corona is a respected business developer. His fitness company has gyms in almost five locations and employs nearly six thousand people. In 2017, SmartFit raked R$1 billion in revenues.

Edgard Corona still commits to pushing the fitness world to its limit. He plans to increase the number of gyms to over a thousand in Latin America alone. With his history of excellent execution of farsighted choices, succeeding in his endeavors is imminent.

Lara Andreyes