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Going under anesthesia is not an easy thing to consider when it comes to having any type of surgical procedure done. You want to know if it’s safe and will you wake up once the surgery is over. There are different ways to administer the drug, but you want a good doctor with plenty of experience as an anesthesiologist to handle that process with care. Dr. Alddo Molinar is an expert when it comes to using anesthesia and will make sure that everything goes ok when you do have to undergo any type of medical operation. It’s good to have a doctor in the field with 16 years of experience in your corner. 


Dr. Alddo Molinar


Dr. Alddo Molinar uses his skills in several different hospitals in Ohio. However, his main location is in Martins Ferry where he utilizes his craft most at the East Ohio Regional Hospital. If you are due to have any surgery, he is the anesthesiologist and critical care medicine expert you want to make an appointment with. Alddo Molinar will be more than happy to explain the whole process to you as well as the other roles he plays while you are in surgery. The doctor is there from start to finish, and it’s his job to monitor you as part of the aftercare process as the anesthesia wears off. 

Anesthesia is a medicine used during surgery that blocks the sensation of nerves. This keeps you from being in pain while the surgeon is cutting you open to correct the issues at hand inside of your body. It’s an anesthesiologist’s job to make sure that you get the correct amount of the drug so that the procedure can go smoothly as well as make sure that you do begin to open your eyes once it’s finished. Dr. Alddo Molinar knows precisely how much of the anesthesia a patient should get when it comes to different types of surgeries. If you find yourself needing to have surgery, you can call his office and know that you will be in good hands. That is important when dealing with a serious medical problem.

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