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Although experts might argue the coronavirus pandemic caused unrest across the globe last year, global business consultants like Luke Lazarus are beginning to identify positives.

He argues the crisis helped entrepreneurs to become creative when marketing their businesses.

There are several noteworthy developments within the marketing and selling sector.

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In recent years, Instagram has grown to become a significant advertisement platform now compared to other avenues like Facebook.

The social media platform has begun catching up with other sites on the number of advertisements placed and the amount of user activity on the ads.

Lazarus, a talented consultant believes that Instagram will grow beyond its current membership number of about one billion.

This could push influencer marketing further, helping businesses to connect with prospects.

Another development has been the growth of mobile payment worldwide.

Paying for our services or goods as a consumer has become more mainstream with the increased usage of tablets and smartphones worldwide.

Luke Lazarus views this niche as an opportunity that will only develop further with time.

A survey found that the percentage of Australian consumers that relied on their debit or credit card for payment skyrocketed within 12 years.

Experts could only attribute the increased availability of mobile payment to the sudden increase from a mere 26% in 2007 to around 63% in 2019.

Lazarus also believes that the marketing industry might be influenced by voice recognition with the increased use of voice searches.

Personal home assistants such as Amazon Echo or Google Home are becoming more common annually as people use the software on their computers, cars, and portable devices.

A study in the U.S showed that around 50% of all searches were conducted through voice recognition.

Lazarus believes that the world may catch up with the voice recognition tech wave.

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