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While most people view sports mainly as a source of entertainment, Larry Baer saw it as an opportunity to support his community and be a part of something meaningful when he started working with the Giants in the early 1990s.

At that time, the point of being the Giants CEO someday had not crossed Larry Baer’s mind, and he only wanted to save his native San Francisco team. The steps he made at that time, including the efforts to assemble a new ownership group, would put him on that path. Larry Baer would later become the SF Giants CEO, a post he has held since 2012.

Being a Giants CEO is a role that came to him naturally, as highlighted by the success the team enjoyed under his tenure. They did not only win a second World Series championship in three years, but the success continued for the next two years.

His accomplishments as the Giants CEO were not only witnessed on but off the pitch too. With him at the helm, the team saw the construction of Oracle Park, which came to be recognized as one of the best, and has been home to the fans for more than twenty years.

Despite being the CEO of the San Francisco Giants, he always finds time for family and other important activities in the community. Larry Baer is a sports visionary and a graduate of both UC Berkeley and Harvard Business schools.

After his graduation, he ventured into the media industry, working for Westinghouse Broadcasting and CBS Inc. before going to Major League Baseball. Keeping the Giants in San Francisco was the first significant contribution of the San Francisco native who rose to be their CEO. The SF Giants CEO accomplishments have continued over the years that he has been with the Giant, overseeing one of their most successful streaks. See this page on LinkedIn, for additional information.


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