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David Schmidt is a renowned inventor who has secured 94 patents in different fields, particularly regenerative science and technology.

He was motivated to become an inventor at an early age as he spent a sheer amount of time at his parent’s workshop taking things apart to learn how they worked.

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In addition, the book Nature Was My Teacher influenced his career choice.

He enrolled at Pace University at pursued Management Information Systems and Biology, which helped streamline his passion for business and product development.

David Schmidt’s innovativeness has helped him establish several successful manufacturing and product development companies, such as Advanced Applications Group (AAG).

At AAG, David Schmidt made remarkable changes in energy production through research and development.

The most notable contributions of David Schmidt at AAG include the development of new hydrogen and oxygen production methods, designing multi-fueled, bladeless-turbine power generation systems, and constructing metal-combustion rocket engines.

His work at AGG earned him an honorary doctorate and a chance to participate in the Navy mini-sub project.

At the Navy mini-sub project, he developed new methods of supporting energy and stamina, which later inspired him to start a health and wellness company, LifeWave.

As the CEO of LifeWave, he has been involved in different inventions.

LifeWave gained recognition by developing LifeWave Technology which focuses on increasing energy and stamina through phototherapy.

David Schmidt attributes his success to focus.

He believes that staying focused can help one achieve success, which has been the pillar of his prolific career.

Staying focus has helped LifeWave develop new products even after achieving its initial goals.

As a CEO and investor, he has overseen the development of new products at LifeWave besides phototherapy patches.

Recently, LifeWave launched X39, which is a stem cell activation patch.

He believes that X39 will help produce more energy and slow the aging process because of the impacts on mitochondria.

The development of new products has seen LifeWave expand its operations to several countries.

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