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Greg Blatt, CEO of Match Group and former Chairman of Tinder, has had a successful career in the business world. Greg is now bringing his unique perspective to his work as an author and speaker.

Greg’s first book, Modern Thinking: The Competitive Edge in Business Today captures the essence of Greg’s thoughts on how to be successful today. Greg Blatt offers insights into why companies should hire more women executives, what motivates millennials at work and how companies can make better use of technology.

In speaking with Greg, he made a compelling argument for why companies should hire more women in executive roles. He brought up his experience at Tinder and the company’s success since hiring one of its first female executives, Rosette Pambakian, as CMO. He said that when discussing Tinder’s corporate culture with other companies, he often recommends that they hire women in leadership roles. He explains that companies need to “hire 50% of their workforce as women” in order to keep up with evolving cultural standards.

Blatt also emphasized the importance of promoting from within. Owning a company or attending an Ivy League school did not make him successful; it was working for a company and building his network of people who helped him succeed. He talked about his rise from CEO at IAC to Chairman of Tinder and how he “preached the notion that someone need not be extraordinarily talented or creative to get ahead” through hard work and networking.

Greg Blatt also spoke about what motivates millennials in the workforce today. He believes that this generation is eager to and capable of having an impact on the world. Greg said, “Those who want to do good and help others will be happy and successful if they find a way.”

He shared his own story of how he got into the business world with only $50 in his pocket as motivation for those who are looking for their first job. Greg believes that life is “all about how you deal the cards you were dealt” and he often tells young people to work hard, show up on time and stay humble. See this article for additional information.


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