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Lifewave or ライフウェーブ in Japanese, is a successful wellness company founded in 2002 and began sales in 2004. The CEO of the company is David Schmidt. The company has its headquarters in San Diego, California. In 2009 and 2010, the company was ranked in the top 5000 fast-growing private sector companies list by Inc. Magazine. The company offers a plethora of patented wellness products to help people achieve their goals, improve their wellbeing, and tap into their potential. The focus of the company and its products are to help people live a more joyful and youthful life.


Lifewave offers many different patented products to help with energy, stress, sleep, healing, skincare, and pain reduction. It is very focused on helping people become better physically and mentally. It is Lifewave’s mission to help people lead better lives and to feel good. The company is also focused on helping people feel more youthful and help people with their fulfillment goals, both professionally and personally. In 2015, the company received the DSA Ethos Award for Product Innovation. The company’s unique and innovative products continue to help further their reputation in the wellness industry.


Lifewave currently has more than 100 patented products that it sells. The products are also used and embraced by doctors to help people with their health problems. A popular form of product that the company offers are patches that help with a variety of things. The patches do not use drugs or stimulants and can even be used by Olympic athletes because of the composition of the patches. The patches interact with the different frequencies in the body to help the person achieve the particular goal based on which type of patch they are using. Lifewave is a very innovative and cutting-edge company with unlimited potential going forward.

Lara Andreyes