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Randal Nardone knew he would go on to do well in his career but never thought he would one day be the CEO of one of the biggest investment firms in the city. So how was he able to pull this off? Well, he was born & raised in the suburbs of Hatford & proved himself to be one of the top students in his class. As he was getting ready to head off to college, he had to find the right one for him. So he did a little research & it was not long before he realized UConn was the right school for him. So Randal Nardone became a husky in the fall of 82 & tried his best to ensure that his GPA was nothing short of perfect. It was all worth it when he was able to finish in the top ten of his class & get a full ride to the grad school of his choice. In the end, he went with BU & found that he liked it there and more

He arrived on campus so he could pursue his JD. He was well aware of the fact that this was no easy feat but Randal Nardone has never been one to shy away from a good challenge. So he was set on the path to getting his doctorate & had to work hard to be sure he succeeded in this goal. It all turned out to be worth it when he finally got the degree he had been chasing in the spring of 92. From there, he went on to cofound FIG in the winter of 98. He was happy to sit on the sidelines for a while but it was not long before Randal Nardone was named their CEO in the late winter of 2013.

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