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Being a philanthropic goes hand in offering support to help others voluntarily. Also, it involves showing generosity with your time, resources and astuteness each day. The world’s digitation is improving daily, giving space for more opportunities to give back to the community.

Kfir Gavrieli has dedicated the better part of his life to using his resources for better outcomes. He is the owner of Tieks, which is among the top web-only fashion brands worldwide. The company focuses on delivering exclusive ladies’ ballet fats. Tieks shoes are well preferred for the uniqueness of their comfortability and quality. Also, the company finds pride to be among the first brands to do well globally despite lacking brick and mortal outlets.

Over the years, Tieks has grown to be one of the world-leading fashion brands since 2O10. Kfir Gavrieli’s efforts have made the company launch authentic products and build an effective brand. Tieks to Kfir has not only been a brand but a big chance to channel expressive charitable impact.

The company has opened the door to come up with the Gavrieli Foundation and its direct partnership with KIVA. Also, as part of his charity work, Gavrieli headlines in 2020 since the outbreak of coronavirus. He emerged as a community hero who dedicated his effort with the help of his company to over thousands of masks for donation to health workers.

Gavrieli Foundation focuses on empowering women in the communities. With the help of a partnership from KIVA, which is an online platform that supports young entrepreneurs with microloans. The Gavrieli Foundation has also managed to channel over ten million dollars to women in business worldwide.

The Kfir Gavrieli company has been featured by Forbes among the twenty-five most innovative consumer brands. Gavrieli is an image of how important it is to invest in your visionary talents in the business world. His efforts have been recognized by the Inc. Magazine among the top thirty entrepreneurs to look up to. Visit this page for related information.


View their LinkedIn profile on https://www.linkedin.com/company/tieks-by-gavrieli


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