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Recently, JoggingBuddy has been delighted to have Michael Capiraso, the former chief executive officer of New York Road Runners, join their board. Michael Capiraso explained that when he came across the platform of JoggingBuddy, he felt that he needed to support this project. The project’s team is single-minded concerning promoting walking, running and jogging with a different buddy support system that assists the global community in getting fit and healthy. The CEO and founder of Joggingbudy, Tony Piedade, believes that Michael Capiraso will bring vision and a pool of experience that will keep the JoggingBuddy platform confidently focused on assisting millions of people to stay fit and buddy-up.

Michael Capiraso is a transformational and visionary leader whose all-inclusive team-building and results-driven emphasis have conveyed sustainable growth within consumer brands, entertainment, and sports. Thus his membership in JoggingbBudy will yield significant results due to his knowledgeable experience. Throughout his career, Michael has delivered remarkable results via driving results through diverse and highly collaborative leadership teams, enhancing culture by employing forward-thinking processes, innovative technology and marketing and, organic growth. He has also undertaken leadership roles at Calvin Klein and Major League Baseball. At Calvin Klein, Michael worked with Mr Klein on launching products and advertising campaigns. Therefore, Michael has demonstrated his ability to deliver growth, set the strategy and vision and building self-motivated management teams. Thus JoggingBuddy has received such a knowledgeable, focus-driven and dedicated leader who will deliver record growth to the platform.

In JoggigBuddy.com, a social website for runners and joggers, users can locate other joggers in their areas to train together in these areas. The website matches individuals based on fitness goals, fitness levels, gender and ordinary occasions they might have attended. Moreover, members are free to upload videos and photos, inscribe wall posts, send each other emails via the websites, plan routes to use in the running and look for coming events. Therefore, due to the wide-ranging experience that Michael Capiraso, JuggingBuddy will have an opportunity to expand its scope and diversify its operations.

Connect Michael Capiraso on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mcapiraso

Lara Andreyes