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When people talk about a positive work environment, they do not know how it emerged. In the past, it was believed that for the business to be successful, the top management had to be heavy-handed. However, most business people never noticed the adverse effects it had on employee morale, hence productivity. Employees tend to feel valued and trusted when there is a positive work culture. Such a culture has a ripple effect on the productivity a business has.

John Ritenour, one of the founding partners of the Insurance Office of America, is one of the people to embrace and introduce such a culture in his business. During the 30 years of his leadership, he ensured an evolution of this culture since it is gradual. He went ahead to introduce a program in his business, IOA. The program granted his insurance brokers complete independence and made them their bosses. In an interview, John Ritenour mentions some of the benefits a positive work climate has on a business.

John Ritenour explained that a positive work climate contributes to a low turnover rate for any business. It is cost-effective to maintain an employee rather than hire and train new employees now and then. John said that instead of wasting resources in the hiring and orientation process, the resources could be channeled into programs that improve and grow the business.

Having his insurance brokers enjoy business autonomy meant that they could have unlimited earning potentials. However, most insurance executives had a problem with this since they felt they would have to pay their brokers and teams more commission. However, John Ritenour encouraged them to look into the brighter side since the more the brokers earn, the more the company makes.

John Ritenour further explained that giving his insurance brokers full autonomy meant bringing new members into their team. New members expose the company to new ideas. As a result, the company embraces improved creativity from its members.

Lara Andreyes