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Asot Michael might be a parliament member in his native country of A&B but he was not always the success he is today. He was born in Guadalupe in December of 1969 and has a long family history of politics. In fact, his grandfather and dad were part of the world of business as it pertains to the labour party. When he was a kid, his folks sent him to St. Joseph’s academy where he was able to complete his secondary education (LinkedIn). 


Asot Michael went on to get a bachelor’s degree in 89 after four years spent at Barry University in the sunshine state. He later continued his education which led to him getting an MBA as part of the Miami class of 91. After turning his back on his academic career, he went back to Antigua & Barbuda to work at an arcade that had been owned by his grandfather prior to his passing. In the mid 90’s, Asot Michael got his first job in politics when he landed the role of executive assistant to Lester Bird who was prime minister at the time. He did well in the role and this is how he was able to work his way up to the role of chief of staff. 

From there, he went on to win his senate race towards the end of the decade & he also served in the prime minister’s office where he oversaw the affairs of state. In this role he was to oversee the duties for public areas as well as communications and many other things. The honorable politician then served in this role for more than two years until he became what is now known as a Full Minister. In 2001, Asot Michael moved up to the role of junior minister of France and two years later left the position. In 2004, he was able to win his election to become a member of the house of representatives where he served the people of saint peter. He was able to get reelected two years later and went on to retire from politics in May 2020 after a long career.

Lara Andreyes