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The co-founder of Second City, Andrew Alexander, has built a lifetime career as a comedian, film and TV producer. The alumnus of Tri-State College and Ryerson University in Toronto has spent over five decades grooming renowned comedians to distinguish their path to stardom in the highly competitive entertainment industry. The comedy veteran has mentored and helped shape the careers of highly enthused and immensely talented individuals like John Candy, Steve Carell, Catherine O’Hara, and a couple more eminent entertainers.

During his youthful days, Alexander served as a marketer for Toronto Arts Foundation during the day and co-producer at the Global Village theater at night. The entertainment industry has always enthralled the fervid comedian. Alexander’s love for the theatre inspired him to establish the Second City Entertainment company primarily focusing on TV and film production. This project positively impacted the lives of many comedians beyond borders. Furthermore, in 2016 Alexander pitched the idea to start a film training center based in Chicago that has greatly nurtured talents and professions within the industry.

Through his prowess in production and employing the insurmountable expertise acquired over the years, Alexander has been on the radar of numerous renowned production hubs and media outlets. Through his adeptness and admirable work ethic, the distinguished producer partnered with media houses such as NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox TV, besides being afforded the honor to work with Disney studios, Image films, and MGM TV. The avid producer has received accolades such as the 2016 Canadian Screen awards for his legendary work in the entertainment industry. Despite his retirement in 2020, the comedy veteran’s influence in the industry will remain a lifelong legacy.

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