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Jesse Williams is a self-trained internet entrepreneur who got into his teenage web business. Jesse developed an interest in business at an early age which he nurtured by reading business-oriented books. Jesse read extensively about Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, who became his source of inspiration. He realized a business opportunity to sell the books that he had read from the internet at a lower price from the other outlets, a business idea that later emerged significantly.

At the age of sixteen, Jesse launched his first computer software. He managed to reach out to customers beyond his geographical location to resell software applications and licenses. Through this innovation, Jesse Williams created employment opportunities for 12 individuals. His company, eDirect, was among the first companies to sell Microsoft applications.

Jesse Williams expanded the scope of his company to work with supplement companies between 2007 and 2011. He helped develop marketing platforms from which eDirect collected a lot of revenue from each click on the advertisement. He also started his company selling WuYi tea, a company that he later sold for more than $100 million.

The other company he founded was Dazzle White, famous for bringing to the market teeth whitening pens products. The company performed well in the market, although Jesse Williams later lost interest in dealing with commodities and opted to concentrate on the internet business. He founded two more businesses, Penguin Leads which provided information on public and property records at a fee, and Car History Group.

Car History Group reached its breakeven point in 2012. With its affiliate website, vehiclehistory.com, receiving more than one million visitors seeking information about their vehicles. Jesse still holds on to his internet marketing and social media influencer. He works closely with his team, which is dedicated to creating informative yet exciting content for the upcoming entrepreneurs.


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