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Stonehenge Growth Capital, Calvert Impact Capital, McKnight Foundation, These names are respected brands in the financial world. Yet, besides their heavy-hitting fiscal status, each of these entities has another thing in common. Every one of them elected to divert funds in the direction of a particular company (Owler). 

The company they each chose to invest large sums of money in is a socially-minded green company in the energy sector. The PosiGen startup grew quickly and now serves thousands of clients annually, bringing renewable energy to communities across the country. It was in New Orleans, in 2011, that Thomas Neyhart started a little solar-power company with a big heart. PosiGen CEO, Thomas Neyhart began PosiGen with a sense of duty. One might call it a higher sense of purpose, such that it superseded the already culturally applauded imperative to clean the planet. Neyhart wanted to ensure that the option to go solar would not be one relegated to and affordable only to the affluent. 

It wasn’t an idea investors found alluring, at least at first. But PosiGen CEO, Thomas Neyhart, didn’t falter. Today, after more than a decade in the field of alternative energy, things have changed. The PosiGen CEO could well be deemed a whizz kid at catching the eye of investors. The little solar power business engine, ignited by the dream created by Thomas Neyhart, has proven it could. PosiGen has completed several highly successful investment rounds during its years in activity. These have been lucrative to the tune of upwards $50 million dollars. The PosiGen CEO has made his mark and earned respect for himself, his dream, and his company. 

Lara Andreyes