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Despite having studied medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi sought to venture into business, strategically positioning himself in lucrative ventures with higher risks and subsequent high returns. The Kuwaiti national immersed his passion and enthusiasm in establishing the Kuwaiti European Holding Group, where he serves as the CEO. The KEH CEO Abdulla Al Humaidi oversees the strategic research and approval of the company’s current and prospective business ventures based on the viability of the investment and its ability to yield high returns on the investment in the long run.


Kuwaiti European Holding Group acts as a parent company to its multiple subsidiary companies globally. Under the leadership of the avid business veteran, Al Humaidi KEH provides venture funding for companies involved in medical supplies, real estate, and leisure in the UK, Egypt, and Kuwait. KEH has vested interests in The London Resort, where the company has pumped insurmountable resources into the venture. Just recently, Abdulla Al Humaidi announced that the company has also engaged in partnership agreements with international media houses such as Hollywood studios Paramount Pictures to produce content in promoting the investment.


The KEH knowledgeable CEO continues to influence the financial success and dominance of the company in the global business space through strategic financing of the Aqueous Resort under ESTRICO, a subsidiary in Egypt. The Landmarque Property Group in Ireland and Quantum real estate firm in Hong Kong, and the Qarun Lake Tourism & Investment Company receive investment funding from KEH. Abdulla Al Humaidi has also salvaged the growth and financial triumph of the Ebbsfleet football club, a non league team. In addition, the KEH has vested the Armila Capital, an FCA-regulated Investment Banking firm securing lasting benefits to the company’s financial security.


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