The Immense Presence of OSI Industries in Food Services

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OSI Industries is one of the biggest privately held companies in America, and it employees more than 19,000 individuals. The company’s roots date back to Germany as well as dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. That’s right! OSI Industries is definitely 100 years of age, but it’s still progressing in an upward motion. Otto Kolshowski founded the company back in the early 1900s. This man was just one of the thousands of German-immigrants who came to the US before the post economic expansion. The tiny meat market was first known as Otto & Sons. As success began to mount, Otto & Sons would transform into OSI Industries.

When it comes to providing leadership, this company is no exception to the rule. The Kolschowski family has provided the leadership role from the start, but this role has transitioned to other prominent figures in the food service industry. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin have taken the leadership role to a whole new level. McDonald is the president and Lavin is the chief executive officer. This dynamic combination of expertise has led to numerous expansions in business. In 2016, OSI acquired stake in a number of competitive businesses, including Tyson Foods, Flagship Europe and BAHO Food.

These acquisitions has helped to bring new services to markets that were once closed. This particular company now has an abundance of test kitchens, pilot plants and culinary-innovation centers around the world. OSI Industries use state-of-the-art technology to meet its goals. The company has spent over $100 million via high-capacity production lines. These progressive components have allowed the company to double in productivity. In most cases, it surely takes money to make more money. The future of the foodservice industry is in great hands and OSI Industries is playing a key role in it all.

Barbara Stokes-An Answered Call for Help

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Barbara Stokes heads the Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC. She has strived to be a key person in relieving the humanitarian specializing in Disaster Relief Construction. Together with her husband Mr. Scott Stokes, Barbara Stokes founded the company in 2008, which is based in Huntsville. The company has gained a lot of reputation within the whole country by answering a call help in case of natural disasters. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.


The Green Structure Homes company has a team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff who are capable of offering innovative solutions to both the public and private sector. The company is known to combine technology with design to come up with safe, permanent residential, and commercial properties. With experts in land planning and utility installations, Green Structure Company has done many successful projects such as schools and barracks. Read this article at


The company has been a pivot in the restoration of regions, which were affected by natural calamities within the country. FEMA registered the company as a Disaster Relief Contractor. The company has won a lot of government tenders in different state departments such as the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and the US. Missile Defense Agency. Barbara Stokes worked in both Boeing and Pisces Corp before she founded the company. As a result, she was able to understand the government tendering; thus, succeeding in her company.


One of the most significant achievements of Green Structure Homes was when they got $28.5 million tenders from the federal government. The bid comes when Hurricane Harvey stroke the country destroying many structures, killing people, and leaving others homeless. It was a national call for help tender where the company builds a large number of FEMA manufactured houses. The company was able to successfully deliver temporally houses needed to hold people as they were restoring their healthy life.


Does Dr. Jennifer Walden Have Any Negative Reviews

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons of her generation. She is one of the most popular ones as well. She has many fans and followers. This is achievable by having a history of great service and satisfied customers. She has that covered. However, I will be addressing the negative reviews of Dr. Walden. Some of them are very detailed.

A prevalent complaint is extensive waiting times. This appears on both positive and negative reviews. Appointments have to be scheduled up to a year in advance, but this is the norm. The actual wait in the office is a bigger complaint. Some customers mentioned that it felt as if her staff ignored them. During consultations, many people have complained about how it felt like a hurried and generalized process

The cost of most procedures are considerably high, and the customers know this upfront and many are satisfied with their results. However, some of them do not believe they received a great value. One woman said they forgot to take her picture during her first visit and that she had to remind them of this on a subsequent visit.

Some unsatisfied customers have said that she dismisses their complaints and acts as if she did nothing wrong. They also said that she has a lack of genuineness and makes little eye contact with patients. Numerous reviews say that there is a lack of professionalism among her staff, but there also are reviews that praise them. In regards to surgery, her liposuction and rhinoplasty skills have been criticised. She has mostly positive reviews for her breast augmentations.

The good reviews heavily outweigh the bad ones for Dr. Walden and her staff. However, the main problem seems to be their consistency. A small number of people complain about some of the things which almost everyone else people praise.

James Dondero Doing More For Dallas

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James Dondero is a giving, generous businessman from Dallas Texas that has a deep devotion to his city and the people in it. Though he has climbed to the top of the corporate ladder in the financial industry, making his millions has not been enough for James, it has always been his desire to do more. The people of Dallas Texas have James to thank for a recent event at the Dallas Zoo, which was the reopening of their once-loved hippopotamus habitat. Visit his website at Through his Highland Dallas Foundation, James Dondero donated one million dollars and gathered together a few local philanthropist friends to come up with the total of fourteen million dollars; which is what the zoo needed to pull off the recreation. In 2001, the Dallas Zoo’s management team made the heartbreaking decision to shut down their hippopotamus habitat after their eldest hippo, Papa, died of old age. The Zoo received an outcry of requests from the community to please bring back the family favorite, but the funds have just not been there. Read more about James Dondero on

Now, after nearly two decades of being vacant space, the Dallas Zoo has reopened the two-acre habitat which is home to two young hippos named Adhama and Boipelo. The caretakers hope that the two young hippos will mate and thus breed and support the population of the endangered hippopotamus.

Another example of James Dondero’s generosity is his continuous support of The Family Place; A shelter in Dallas Texas that is home to men in the area that need shelter from a house riddled with domestic violence. These men find sanctuary and safety within the walls of The Family Place and enjoy the convenience of being close to medical care. The facility also offers a twenty-four-hour crisis hotline that is always ready to take calls any time of day or night with a team of compassionate listeners waiting and prepared to help. Other initiatives that are supported by James Dondero and his foundation are any organizations that support Veterans, educational and medical care needs in the community, and any other civic organizations such as The Family Place and more.


Dick Devos: The Man With Many Plans

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When a man has wealth from both family fortune and position, does that make him cold to the needs of others? Or does his passion for success branch off into the world around him?


His heart sunk. Dick Devos remembered the past when he learned of a sports/convention arena plan starting in Grand Rapids in 1991. Devos decided to make some phone calls. He just had to lobby against the thought of another disappointment like he felt when two teams – the Pistons and the Lions – left Detroit back in the 70s.


Devos’s lobbying led to the forming of Grand Action, a group made up of business leaders who were responsible for the visual expression of Grand Rapid’s skyline. He is no stranger to fighting: while lobbying, he was also on his way to becoming CEO of his family’s corporation, Amway.


Both Devos and his wife, Betsy, are heirs to family fortunes. As such, they donate greatly to a variety of community, health, and educational programs within their city. Their large donations and political clout created change for laws of education and labor.


However, public swaying did not always work for Dick Devos and his wife. Voters in 2000 said no to tax-funded vouchers for some private school students. Also, in 2006, he lost a costly shot at being governor: Jennifer Granholm held onto her position.


Alas, Devos and his wife succeeded in advocating for other states to provide private school vouchers. The dream became realized: more families could give their children educational choices.


Not only does Devos look forward to positive changes in educational and community programs but also in business. For instance, he led the Gerald R. Ford International Airport to decrease airfares, thus allowing for an increase in passengers. How did he do this? Twice he talked air carriers (Southwest and AirTran) to offer routes out of the International Airport. Therefore, passengers can fly nonstop instead of changing flights.


The success of the Grand Rapids airport stems from his deep interest in flying and that this airport houses his aircraft collection. Also, this airport is home to the charter school that he and his wife started in 2010: West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Thanks to Dick Devos, more families can afford private schooling, children can share his love of flying, and others can enjoy a one flight destination.


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Blockchain Technology Has Jed McCaleb Predicting Banking’s Vitualization

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It seems that everything is meant to go digital. Movies, music, and even video games can be purchased and downloaded online. Digital transactions make up a lot of retail sales, just ask the big companies that have closed their doors. Even books are digital now. Jed McCaleb, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Stellar, is now claiming that banking itself will soon be digital. Payment transactions, currency, stocks, and even equity will all be virtual. According to Jed McCaleb, this will happen in the over the next decade, and it is all due to a new technology called blockchains.

Blockchain technology is a list of records, created and linked using cryptography. They allow data to be timestamped, connected to previous blocks, and record transaction information. These properties are used to generate smart lists which provide virtual markets optimum security and safety. They protect against fraud, and also connect transaction systems together to avoid fragmentation. Fragmentation and fraud are the two main drawbacks to operating in a decentralized market. Decentralized markets are where the magic happens.

Start-up companies have been trying to link virtual tokens to traditional finance mediums for years. Combining the two allows a transaction to occur between any type of currency with the same speed as bitcoin. This means that government backed coinage, physical assets, stocks, and even equity can become virtual. Such an outcome would forever change traditional banking. McCaleb has been developing such a cross-border system for Stellar. The company’s network can already exchange certain currencies at fast rate, mainly the U.S. dollar and the Euro. IBM uses Stellar’s system to cross-border a few payments to large international banks. McCaleb sees blockchains as the key technology that finally fuses traditional and digital markets, allowing any kind of asset to be tokenized.

Tokenization is the process of creating digital stand-ins for physical assets, allowing them to be sold universally. This means that no matter what transaction medium is being used, the currency across the board will have the same value. McCaleb believes that tokens will create a universal payment network, and that network will take over from where traditional banking stops.

Organo Gold – Coffee with a purpose

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Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, only beaten by water. It’s the choice of people that come from all walks of life with its variety of forms and layers of taste. Organo Gold aims at channelling that love for coffee into a healthy lifestyle while helping the people that work for them earn a solid livelihood.

Organo Gold uses a multi-level marketing technique to reach more than 50 countries in the world. With their distributors able to sponsor new ones, Organo is becoming a trending brand in the world of gourmet coffee as well as health and fitness. View Organo Gold’s profile on

To many, that would be too fine a line to walk. Organo, however, uses traditional Asian medicinal mushrooms called Ganoderma Lucidum (called lingzhi in Asia) which has been used to treat people for over two thousand years. The difference maker for Organo Gold is the fact that they are able to retrieve the spores thanks to a patented technology used for extracting it by breaking the shell of the mushroom. These spores are then infused with their products, providing an extremely strong anti-oxidant benefit and giving coffee lovers a healthy alternative for their favourite drink. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is not all about growing their business and network, they go out of their way to train their distributors with the OG Academy be it via trade events or online, giving the distributors to learn about the product, the company and the vision they have for the world. The system seems to be working with the more successful distributors earning over $100,000 a year from the distribution of Organo Gold products.

The vision for Organo is a healthy world, and they realize the importance of children and their education in that future and through the OG Cares Foundation, they are helping future scholars and leaders achieve their dreams by providing resources and tools children need to get ahead in life. OG Cares operates in 5 countries that include USA, Canada, and Mexico.


Bradesco’s Immense Achievements Under Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Leadership

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is among the most recognized leaders in Brazil. Having managed one of Brazil’s biggest and popular banks, Trabuco earned himself a reputation. He was born in October 1951in Marilia, Sao Paulo where he also happened to spend his whole life. As for his Education, Trabuco had a chance to attend the Fundacao School of sociology and politics in Sao Paulo. Here, he obtained a post-graduate degree in social physiology. This was, however, after he had also graduated from the faculty of philosophy, science, and letters.

Trabuco Cappi’s career began right after he had graduated from University of Sao Paolo. He was lucky enough to work at Brazils bank of Bradesco where he started out as clerk. Trabuco Bradesco assignment was like an opener to his success which he would later bring to the bank. In fifteen years time, Trabuco had acquired enough skills which, with consents of the board members, gave him a job as a marketing director.

The Trabuco Bradesco tenure as a marketing director brought an immense change to the bank. For instance, the communication of the bank turned to modern while at the same time, it strengthened the bond between the bank and the media. Trabuco’s career rose bit by bit where he held numerous great positions in the company afterwards. Some of these positions include as the CEO, managing director, and eventually, as executive vice president. At this time, the board of directors saw his potential, thus they chose him as the feature successor of, the then sitting president, Artur Cypriano. Trabuco Bradesco presidency came to be in the year 2009 after having accumulated the qualities of the top sit for a long time at Bradesco according to

In his tenure, a lot changed in the bank including its reputation. Earlier on, the bank of Bradesco had been through numerous setbacks. These factors costed Bradesco a lot resulting into lose of important factors such as shares and performance. However, with forty years of experience within the bank’s premises, Trabuco would be the best president to Bradesco. His skills enabled him to control the bank which eventually turned out successful. In the process, Bradesco got back its position in the New York stock exchange. Also, its insurance branch had an increased performance.

Trabuco Bradesco leadership has been termed as exceptional and innovative. The board of directors highly endorsed his work. He has been awarded numerously by numerous organizations for his uniqueness and hard work. To many, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has not only been an executive but also a great leader.

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Betsy DeVos: The Reform That Education Needs

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For as long as the education system has existed, it is needed some type of reform. In fact, it seems that every single year the Department of Education falls behind when it comes to giving out new information. It became a joke in high school that many of the textbooks available were not historically accurate, with teachers asking students to ignore facts that have been presented and proven to be false. Countless individuals holding the office of Secretary of Education have come and gone without addressing the major underlying problem with the education system in the United States. It appears, to the untrained eye, this problem will continue to persist for many years to come. The difference between past administrators and current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is that Betsy DeVos is not dependent on the public education system. She believes that a more privatized system will be in place in the near future, making public education system is obsolete, much like their textbooks.


At the height of her career, she did an interview with Philanthropy Roundtable, where she discussed the growing trend to move toward a more privatized model of education. She explains that more parents are interested in enrolling their children in these types of institutions, instead of letting them languish in a public school. Public schools simply do not measure up to these institutions, but more importantly, they don’t measure up to other schools on the international basis. Betsy DeVos takes this very personally as she wants what is best for America’s children. In order to help them get the most out of their education, she is willing to go to extreme measures to help them better their futures.


The thing about privatized education is that it has been growing in recent years. Betsy DeVos has been on the train for privatized education since it was more contrary to support it. She saw the signs of early that children were in need of a more secure type of education. She failed to see where public-schools were challenging students to become more and push harder. In fact, many schools seem to be more interested in passing tests than they did in instilling long-lasting lessons. Unfortunately, this trend is nationwide and leads to students feeling frustrated with their studies.


Parents have options available to them they might not even be aware of. Many public school systems are looking at possibly providing those services through an online format. There are even some school districts that already offer this type of hybrid education. Students that get their education from home may find that it is an easier environment to learn from. This also will allow parents to feel more involved in their children’s education process, with them being so close by. Another good thing for parents to remember is that there are other programs that operate like public schools, but they are private. Tuition costs are down, and some students are eligible for scholarships based on a myriad of qualifications that might make them a suitable candidate.


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Clay Siegall, a Key Player in the Cancer Research Advancement

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Clay Siegall is the chief executive officer and founder of Seattle Genetics. He founded the company in 1998, and he has been on the frontline striving to fight cancer. Siegall attended the University of Maryland where he graduated with a degree in Zoology and later on, joined George Washington University for his Ph.D. in genetics. He has spent his career trying to advance cancer diagnose and treatment. He has used his resources to fund various cancer research centers in the nation. Clay is also a board member of the Alder Biopharmaceuticals. He is a renowned author and has published more than 70 publications.

Clay Siegall has led Seattle Genetics to higher heights in the biotech research industry. The company has developed a compelling pipeline of more than 20 drugs. They also developed the first approved antibody drug FDA which now has numerous approved indications. Mr. Siegall has led the research facility to fundraising activities to support the company’s endeavors. The firm has also partnered with other drugs manufacturing companies like Bayer, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. Before founding Seattle Genetics, Clay Worked with National Cancer Institute of the NIH and also held different positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb, a pharmaceutical research institute.

Mr. Siegall developed an interest in the medical technology industry since he was a young man. He watched his father suffer from cancer, and since then he has been trying to look for ways to fight chronic diseases that have led to increased death mortality rate in the nation. Apart from his passion for helping patients, Clay also wanted to make money, and the healthcare industry was the perfect combination of passion and investment. He has been following the MC teaching hospital in the Netherlands keenly on their project to develop a quick method to diagnose prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the leading cancer disease that has killed men globally. At least one out of seven men is diagnosed with cancer each year. Seattle Genetics is one of the most innovative biotech facilities in cancer therapies sector. The firm will continue being a power player of cancer research for the longest time to come.