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Entrepreneurial Moves That Helped Edgard Corona Succeed

More than anything, it is the ability to make intelligent decisions that determines how triumphant an entrepreneur becomes. Edgard Corona, the CEO of SmartFit, understood this notion way before starting his business career. Thus, his journey consists of numerous bold choices. The first rewarding decision Edgard Corona made was to start a business while still

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InfraBuild CEO Vik Bansal — Why InfraBuild Is Confident Australia Will Thrive Post-pandemic

Australia has an opportunity to lead not just a recovery from a pandemic, but a global economic rebound. That rebounding will not be enough without first addressing some of the economic problems that resulted from the financial crisis. If the country follows through with its recent initiative to curb its trade deficit, we could see

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Abdulla Al Humaidi: CEO of Kuwaiti European Holding

Abdulla Al Humaidi is the CEO of Kuwaiti European Holding (KEH), a company that provides investment services and manages various industries in the Middle East. He has been making strides to improve KEH’s performance as an international company and was recently named “CEO of the Year” by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. In this


 Sparkasse Bank Malta Plc Reveals Its Intentions in Digitizing Logistics and Supply-Chain Sectors Through Massive Funding

In the current dispensation, banking has become one of the main sectors that drive world economy. On the other hand, people need to look for a reliable banking partner. Sparkasse Bank Malta plc is one of the most highly ranked banks in Malta. The bank’s main vision and mission are to deliver effective, efficient, and

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Insight On Nest’s Victories By Pamela Baer

Pamela Baer has built a reputation for herself both in the business’ world and in charity. Pamela has been working closely with Nest, a non-profit organization in the United States, to empower women through a craft-based work economy. This organization also provides maker businesses and female artisans with tools, educational programs, and pro-bono consultancies. Pamela

Direct Selling

QNET – How To Improve Your Sales Through A Changed Business Model

QNET Direct Selling is a direct selling company in Kwun Tong District, Hong Kong, which is dominating the market. The company is expanding its business through the innovation and technology of E-commerce platforms. It also deals in different types of products through retail selling as well as wholesale and retail distribution. The company has made

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The Life of Haroldo Jacobovicz: Brazilian Entrepreneur, Investor

Haroldo Jacobovicz is the founder of Horizons Telecom and Horizons Datacenter and the founder of e-Governe Group, which was created with the objective of becoming the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Brazil. He was also responsible for the development of the first wireless broadband internet access technology in Brazil, called Aerolíneas and leading the

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